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In Search of the Shore

In the early years, the possibility of a large land mass at the south of the globe was gathering interest in the public. Many speculated of its existence, even Aristotle. Mankind became obsessed with exploring this land. Theories were made about what it looked like, whether it was paradise or a desolate land. Geographers started making maps of what we now call “Antarctica” based on their imagination. This determination to explore the unknown is testament to humankind’s resilience and desire for growth. I wanted to borrow the sense of excitement that these explorers had - an anticipation of the unknown fuelled by speculation and imagination.


I’m interested in the relationship between spaces of the literal and the imaginative. This body of work is a pursuit of finding permanence in temporal worlds.

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When tides flow towards the shore, for a moment they brush before receding.

They go on to the unimaginable, for such journeys are endless.

The moon and the sun rest high above as they guide the tides to take its course.


Tides flow in hope and wonder.

Tides flow in Search of the Shore.

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